Saturday, 26 December 2009

Christmas ghost hunt

Hello everyone, we hope you all had a wonderful Christmas pity it didn't snow for us, but then again if it had we would not have gone on our annual Christmas ghost hunt. We decided at 6pm that we were going to go out but only if the weather was OK fortunately it hadn't snowed and there was very little ice. The big question then arose where do we go?, well we decided to do a tour we started at Berry Tower in Bodmin, then we went onto RAF Davidstow Moor (RAFDM) Airfield and ending at the Davidstow museums. As you can guess we were on the moors and its freezing the wind was blowing that hard I struggled to open the car door. We had a look around Berry Tower but we didn't seem to get anything there so we decided to head on to RAFDM. When we go to RAFDM I drive as its not on public roads and even when the weather is extremely bad and the visibility is so poor that you can't see in front of you I can always find my way around and not get lost. Anyway we got some fantastic pictures at the museum which once again will be posted on our facebook page.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

The Phantom Airman?

Sorry I haven't posted a blog for sometime, but I have been extremely busy doing research into a follow up investigation we conducted on the 20/12/09. What a strange night that was, we took some fantastic pictures and caught lots of orbs and mists on the cameras. One orb that we captured seemed to have what I believed to be an owl in it, so I went into Sherlock Holmes mode. I thought that with us being around replica WW2 aircraft maybe the owl could be associated with an RAF squadron so I asked Gary to look for squadron crest with an owl, this produced two results but only one matched what I saw in the orb. After discovering what squadron we were looking for we found that they conducted night time operations and that one of their targets were German Schnellboat (E-Boats) now they were torpedo boats and at the location we did our investigation is a German torpedo. I managed to get a list of combat records and medals awarded to pilots of that squadron and also the first two letters of the pilots possible aircraft, but the search still continues. Please visit our facebook page Parkin's Paranormal Investigations (P.P.I) to view the photos we will have them all on there by tomorrow. We would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us at P.P.I.

Friday, 18 December 2009

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells Santa's on his way.....

Well 7 days everybody and that Jolly fat man, with his red suit, and white beard will be coming down your chimney, and parking his reindeer's on the roof.

Jules and I saw a house in a village where our friends live that had more lights than Blackpool. I don't think their to bothered about their carbon foot print, and I'd hate to think how much their next quarterly is going to cost them. Anyway, I said to Jules that its a little over the top. Put up a few lights, but something like that's a little bit too much. She told me to stop moaning, that its Christmas and that I should have more of the festive spirit.

Well for once Jules was right (God help me when she reads that bit, I can feel the sore head now ha ha) so I started to think and I came to a conclusion that the lights are a good thing. For one after Santa's had all those brandys, sherrys, ports and all those other medicinal drinks, he will be a little out of sorts; so when he lands his sleigh, the lights make an excellent landing spot and help keep him awake.

Now hopefully this year Jules and myself will be going on one of our litte Christmas ghost hunts, we just get in the car and find somewhere. 3 years ago we went to Lydford castle at 12am Christmas day (The picture of me on the website home page looking down at an orb is take on that very night) so if we do then we will post our pictures on there for you all to see. Our pictures from the investigation we did on the 14/12/09 are on the facbook page so if you haven't seen them please do there are some fantastic photos.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Thank you

Dougie and I would like to thank our dear friends, Jon and Corrina for their help and support over the past few weeks, and also Dougie's younger brother Gary, who has joined our team as a researcher, and has advertise us through the Facebook social network.

Well after a few days of running around getting stressed with the computer and printer (I prefer the old book and pen and sending messages with carrier pigeons) we are getting somewhere near to sorted. We have some pictures on our facebook page Parkin's Paranormal Investigations (P.P.I) from our latest investigation which was very interesting. Finally we would like to thank everyone who has read our blogs and visited our site, we will have it completed soon.

Monday, 14 December 2009

The big day

Apologies for not posting a blog yesterday, but I was playing Santa delivering presents to everyone which was tiring ha ha or should I say ho ho ho. Only 11 days and it is here, so its turning into yet another mad rush.

In about 1 hour we will be setting off to do the investigation and what a stressful day I have had with that, first the computer crashed with all the paperwork on now i cant get into the facebook account. While I'm writing this I am eating my tea, getting all the equipment together, and making sure all the paperwork is in order.

Anyway I will try and sort the facebook account out and then you can all see the photos we will take tonight.

Our thoughts have been with you today Jon and Corrina and we hope to see you both very soon.

Saturday, 12 December 2009

P.P.I Investigation

Sorry that the blog is so late, I have been rushed off my feet today.

This is because we have been asked to do an investigation on Monday. So I thought last night I would interview the client, and get some of the paper work done today along with, getting the office squared up, and doing the chores (a mans work is never done).

Once the website is finished we will post the reports and pictures on there, but for the time being we are going to post photos on our facebook page starting Tuesday along with the report for the investigation.

Now some non paranormal news. Recently in our garden we have been getting two beautiful squirrels visit us, along with a wide variety of birds which is starting to make our house feels like Longleat at the moment. These squirrels are mainly gray with red running from their heads to their tails.

So this morning when I was making a cup of tea, I looked out the kitchen window and there was three of them, one was bold enough to walk up to the back door bless. then as we put the nuts out for the birds the same individual decided to chase a little robin off who was after some bread we had put out on the ground. Oh and we decided we would name them or at least I did. Nutella is the one who has the most red and always seems to be eating the bird nuts, then Baggins who takes the bread away like a little theif, and the one who thinks he's the boss that's Duke.

Tomorrow I will post a few pictures of them on here for you to see.

Friday, 11 December 2009

My Outer Body Experiences

Over the past few days I have been having Outer Body Experiences (OBE's). I do astro travel but these experiences are happening voluntarily.

On Monday (7/12/09) night it was happening non-stop, and I felt as though something bad was going to happen. After phoning friends that we had visited earlier that day we dicovered what may have caused me to feel drained and experience this phenomena.

So when I woke up this morning I started to have yet another OBE, so I turned to Dougie and said "Babe I need grounding" and Dougie replied "I can ground you, your not allowed out for 2 weeks, your pocket money's stopped and your in bed by 8 o'clock"